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Vital Mind

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The project is dedicated to support the elderly population and therefore includes the research and development of highly cognitive brain fitness content. The innovative in the technology parts; such as new methods of UI, usage of UFD and content authoring tool are required to support the main objective of providing ICT to the elderly population. Those technological goals may also fit the general population needs in advances UI in front of the iDTV, usage of UFD with STB and authoring tools for iDTV content creation and therefore may be considered as beneficial results of the projects.


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The scope of i2home is the Intuitive Interaction for Everyone with Home Appliances based on Industry Standards. In this way i2home will make devices and appliances at home more accessible to persons with mild cognitive disabilities and older persons. In our usability lab we have designed graphical user interfaces and tested their ergonomic and cognitive suitability for home environment. The project is in progress.


The vision of Enhanced Learning Unlimited (ELU) project is to increase learning opportunities at home, office and school via interactive digital TV (iDTV). In our usability lab we have designed and tested iDTV learning courses for elderly users. The key issue is graphical interaction in rich multimedia environment. The project is in progress.

Sun Microsystems

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Solaris Express Developer Edition
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Goal of this test was to compare out of box experience of Solaris OS on several HW platforms and Linux. The study investigated 1h 30 minutes of the first contact with the OS, including download, instalation and first usage.


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Students of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering work on projects, that were supervised by the Voice Technologies and Systems Division of IBM Czech Republic. The projects were mainly focused on the use of the speech recognition and synthesis in the context of intelligent office and car environments.


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The content of the project was the expert inspection of control panel for motor diagnostics. Result of the inspection was redesign of the control panel.