Usability Lab at CTU in Prague

Is your product enjoyable for your users?

1st Joined Workshop on Interactive Systems

by CTU Prague and University of Rostock in Putbus

Human-Centred Software Engineering at the University of Rostock

  • Contact person: Peter Forbrig
  • Presentation: Pdf (1.22 MB)

HCI education at CTU Prague

  • Contact person: Pavel Slavík
  • Presentation: Pdf (769 KB)

Talking head user interfaces

  • Contact person: Ladislav Kunc
  • Presentation: Pdf (1.11 MB)
  • Motivation video: wmv (1.19 MB)
  • GrandmaTV Mock-up Video: wmv (14.8 MB)
  • IBM Jukebox Video: wmv (3.10 MB)

Visualization of user behavior in usability studies

  • Contact person: Ivo Malý
  • Presentation: Pdf (1.84 MB)

Model-based Usability Evaluation

  • Contact person: Gregor Buchholz
  • Presentation: Pdf (791 KB)

Usability Testing in Smart Environments

  • Contact person: Stefan Propp
  • Presentation: Pdf (645 KB)

User Interfaces for iDTV (EU projects ELU + Vital Mind)

  • Contact person: Zdeněk Míkovec
  • Presentation: Pdf (4.67 MB)

User Interfaces for Smart Home (EU project i2home)

  • Contact person: Martin Klíma
  • Presentation: Pdf (2.19 MB)

Models for Collaborative Environments

  • Contact person: Maik Wurdel
  • Presentation: Pdf (648 KB)

Models and Patterns for User Interfaces

  • Contact person: Andreas Wolf
  • Presentation: Pdf (227 KB)

Adaptive workflow modeling and object flows

  • Contact person: Jens Brüning
  • Presentation: Pdf (287 KB)

From Task Models to Dialog Graphs

  • Contact person: Daniel Reichart
  • Presentation: Pdf (1.03 MB)

GUI for technical illustrations

  • Contact person: Ladislav Čmolík
  • Presentation: Pdf (1.92 MB)
  • Demonstration video: avi (17.2 MB)

New methods for multimodal interaction

  • Contact person: Ondřej Poláček
  • Presentation: Pdf (266 KB)
  • Mouse cursor emulation video: avi (7.81 MB)
  • Tetris video: wmv (11.5 MB)

HOPS - A Specification Language for Interactive Systems

  • Contact person: Anke Dittmar
  • Presentation: Pdf (349 KB)